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PDF Snake combines powerful imposing tools with an easy-to-use user interface. But what if you need to impose documents from a Powershell script or a Java application?

PDF Snake's command-line tool allows programmers and power users to impose documents on their computers without visiting the website.


The steps in this tutorial will teach you how impose documents using PDF Snake's command line tool.

1: Download a free trial key for PDF Snake.

Visit and download a free trial key file.

2: Download the PDF Snake command line tool.

Visit and download the PDF Snake command line tool.

3: Impose a document with the PDF Snake Website.

Impose a document using the PDF Snake Website. Choose the imposing options that you will later apply using the PDF Snake command line tool.

Don't download the document. Just leave the desired output showing in PDF Snake's preview.

4: Download the imposing parameters.

Press Ctrl+9 on your keyboard. PDF Snake downloads a file named something like Grid.json. The file name depends on the imposing steps you chose.

5: Run the PDF Snake Command line tool.

In a shell window, run PDF Snake like this:

PS C:\> .\pdfsnake impose -j Grid.json ~\Documents\Cattle.pdf Reading C:\Users\user\Documents\Cattle.pdf... Wrote C:\Users\user\Documents\Cattle-pdfsnake.pdf. PS C:\>

Open the pdf file ending with -pdfsnake.pdf to confirm the output looks as intended.

6: Customize the imposing options.

Open the imposing parameters .json file downloaded from PDF Snake in step 4 with your favorite text editor.

Change some parameters and save the file. All measurements in the .json file are in points. 1 inch is 72 points. 254 millimeters are 720 points.

Run the PDF Snake command line tool again with the changed parameters and observe the output. Notice PDF Snake appends a number to the file name to avoid overwriting the existing file generated in step 5.

PS C:\> .\pdfsnake impose -j Grid.json ~\Documents\Cattle.pdf Reading C:\Users\user\Documents\Cattle.pdf... Wrote C:\Users\user\Documents\Cattle-pdfsnake-1.pdf. PS C:\>

7: Make your software invoke PDF Snake.

To automate PDF Snake, write programs that generate or edit .json files like the one you downloaded, and then invoke the PDF Snake command line tool. All modern programming languages have functions or libraries to easily edit and generate .json files.


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