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Upgrading to PDF Snake Version 6.0

PDF Snake Version 6 is the latest version of PDF Snake. Unlike earlier versions, which were Acrobat Plug-Ins, PDF Snake 6 is a web application. No installation is required to use the new version. More details...

Upgrading the PDF Snake Acrobat Plug-In

Version 5 is a free upgrade from previous versions of the Acrobat Plug-In. If you have already purchased PDF Snake, then download and install the new version, and then enter the same registration number you received for the previous version.

Version 5.13

Supports Acrobat DC.

Version 4.60

Supports Acrobat X, a.k.a. Acrobat 10.

Version 4.52

Fixes a bug in the Bates Stamp feature after upgrade.

Version 4.48

Fixes a bug in Hot Folders where sometimes PDF Snake would stop processing documents dropped into a hot folder.

Version 4.33

Fixes a bug where Acrobat would crash after creating the first Hot Folder on Vista.

Version 4.25

Adds the keyword last to page shuffles.

Version 4.24

Fixes a bleed issue on back pages.

Version 4.18

Adds a checkbox to automatically center the output on the page. Fixes a bug where sometimes crop marks would not appear on the last page of an imposition.

Version 4.14

Bug fixes, especially when imposing documents with form fields.

Version 4.09

Updated for Acrobat 9.0.

Version 4.03

Fixed a problem where sometimes PDF Snake would miss a file dropped in batch into a hot folder.

New in Version 3.01

Support for Acrobat 8.

New in Version 3.00: Record and Replay

Have a complex multi-step imposing process? Now PDF Snake can record multiple imposing steps and replay them with a single mouse click, even over large batches of files.

New in Version 2.60

A much more powerful page shuffle feature, that lets you rotate pages and repeat groups.

New in Version 2.44

New imposition layout: Monkey Imposition.

New in Version 2.35

Version 2.35 just fixes some bugs in the activate via email process, so if you have already activated PDF Snake, then there is no need to upgrade.

New in Version 2.3

Save hundreds of dollars by letting PDF Snake adjust your printer's registration, rather than paying a technician to come out and do it.

PDF Snake can now impose 4-up booklets with a single tool.

A small bug has been fixed where shading fill patterns were not being imposed correctly.

New in Version 2.18

Now works with Acrobat 6.0!

New in Version 2.15

Bates numbering gets a tune-up. There was a bug which appeared only with very rare documents, where if there were spaces in the bates stamp string, the width of the spaces would vary. That has been fixed. Also, a new alternate feature has been added for stamping Bates numbers onto documents which will then be bound into booklets.

Added a lot more paper sizes, including Legal, A2, A3, A5 and more.

Added a repeat function to N-up, so that now imposing a page of 10 identical business cards, for example, can be done in a single step, where as before it would have taken two steps.

New in Version 2.12

Overlapping bleeds did not get imposed correctly. Now they do.
Now fold marks are drawn for booklets.

New in Version 2.11

There was a rare bug where, if a document was reordered and pages were duplicated, and then the document was stamped, an error occurred. This has been fixed.

New in Version 2.1

Crop marks can now be drawn in either four-color CMYK black, or regular single-color black.

New in Version 2.08

The Bates Stamp tool now allows you to select the font size. Crop marks can now be drawn in four color (CMYK) black. Also, in previous versions, multiple rotation steps followed by imposition sometimes generated a defective document. This bug has been fixed in version 2.08.

New in Version 2.06

Version 2.06 has a more refined Bates Stamp tool. Now there's a new Number Dodge feature which prevents the Bates number from ever overlapping the page's contents.

Also, the files in folders that are dragged into the Batch Process tool's file box are now sorted in alphabetical order. This makes it much each easier to figure out in what order Bates numbers were stamped onto which documents.

New in Version 2.05

Version 2.05 is mainly a bug-fix release for version 2.0, so it's main feature is rock-solid stability. It has been tested under heavy stress imposing thousands of documents.

Also, now you can specify a filler document for booklets, so that instead of filling out a booklet with blank pages, it gets filled out with pages from the document you specify.

The reorder pages tool now runs faster and generates smaller documents, especially when creating multiple copies of the same page.

New in Version 2.0

PDF Snake has been totally re-optimized for size and speed. Now resulting documents are a small fraction of what they were with Version 1.9. In some cases, when using the stamp tool, the resulting document is ten times smaller! As a result, the documents print much faster. Also, PDF Snake itself now runs faster.

New Bates Stamp tool adds Bates numbers to any document. Combine it with Batch Process to give each page in a range of documents a unique page number. Bates numbers are specially formatted page numbers used in the legal profession.

The Batch Process dialog now accepts folders from Explorer. Now, you can drag and drop an entire folder into the box, and PDF Snake will find all the pdf files automatically.

New in Version 1.9

New Batch Process tool lets you process hundreds of documents with a single command. The tool can apply any of PDF Snake's other features, such as Stamp or Booklet.