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PDF Snake Server

PDF Snake Server is a stand-alone implementation of the very popular PDF Snake plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.

When would I need a stand-alone version?

Answer: When you need an automated solution.

  1. Automate with Visual Basic
    PDF Snake Server is the only PDF tool which allows you to control every detail of imposing, stamping, and more with Visual Basic. The free trial also comes with complete documentation and a Visual Basic example, showing exactly how to call PDF Snake from VB.

  2. Automate with hot folders
    PDF Snake Server has an easy-to-use hot folder manager. It lets you process files automatically when they are dropped into the hot folder. PDF Snake does not just check the hot folder every few minutes; it sets up a Windows event so that it uses 0% CPU when the hot folders are empty.

  3. Integrate with your variable data workflow
    Using PDF Forms to do variable data? Only PDF Snake Server can impose and preserve these forms. The plug-in can't.

  4. Extend PDF Snake Server to do even more!
    In addition to providing all the features of the PDF Snake plug-in, PDF Snake server also provides a COS-level API in a very high-level language, Python. All the Python source is installed with the free trial, so that you can modify PDF Snake to do things we never imagined!


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