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License Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a single user license on my laptop, and also on my desktop?
Can I install a single user license on my Mac, and also on my PC?
I bought an Easy Bates license for my PC a year ago. I just bought a Mac. Can I use the same license for Easy Bates on my Mac?
Yes. Your product key will unlock Easy Bates on your Mac too.
If my laptop crashes a year from now, will I be able to install on another machine?
How much will upgrades cost?
Since Rennie Glen Software was founded in 2003, upgrades for all our products have been free. We intend to continue this practice as long as possible.
There are 2 people in my office, and we both want to use Easy Bates. How many licenses should we purchase?

Please click here to purchase an Easy Bates license.